We are the leading education centre for GED preparation in Peel.

The GED Certificate is the high school equivalency credential recognized by employers, apprenticeship, and colleges. If you don’t have enough credits for a high school diploma (OSSD), the GED may provide the fastest route for achieving a high school equivalency. Through our GED Preparation program, you can be confident that you will get the support, information, and learning strategies you need to be prepared to write the GED test.

Program Overview:

Our GED Preparation program at PALC will prepare you for all components of the GED test. The GED test is a series of five timed tests done over a two-day period. Subject areas tested include Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.


Program Benefits:


With a GED, you can:

  • Obtain a high school equivalency certificate
  • Qualify for employment
  • Gain promotion within your own organization
  • Apply for admission to an educational or training institution
  • Enter an apprenticeship program
  • Enhance your Workplace Essential Skills


Admission Requirements:

  • 19 years of age or older
  • Ontario resident
  • Successful completion of an academic assessment

“This program was the reason I passed my GED! The staff at PALC are so supportive and they have led me on a successful path to my future… I would recommend PALC to anyone!”

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions before filling out the form:

What type of identification is required?

You must provide a valid social insurance number and photo ID to validate your date of birth and mailing address to participate in any of our programs at PALC.

Do I need to have a computer to participate in PALC programs?

In our current delivery model , most students are required to attend class both virtually and in-person. Therefore, you need access to a device and internet.

Are any classes virtual only?
We have limited spots for virtual only GED/College Test prep delivery, but it is available.


I'm a second language learner. Do I need to provide proof of my CLBA test results?

Yes. You must have attained a CLBA level 6 in speaking and listening, and you need to be able to provide a copy of your CLBA test results. Note that reading and writing will be assessed before program entry as we must be sure you can successfully use the course materials.

What are the different goals that a GED can help me prepare for?

Successfully passing your GED test will prepare you for employment, post-secondary, or apprenticeship goal paths. Speak with our program assistant for more information.

Is the GED recognized by Apprenticeship Programs?

Yes, Apprenticeship Programs that require Grade 12 recognize the GED as equivalent.

Will the GED allow me to enter College Programs?

The GED will allow you to access some college programs without further testing. For other programs, you also may need to complete a Mature Student Test to gain entrance. Your instructor will work with you to ensure you are ready for both if necessary.

How else can I prepare for College at the Peel Adult Learning Centre?

We can prepare you for the Mature Student Test to gain entrance to college. Some programs don’t require math for entry, so some students prefer this option since GED preparation requires math.

Do you offer credit courses?

PALC does not offer credit courses; however, we can help you prepare to enter certain credit courses. Speak to our program assistant to find out more or to gauge whether GED preparation is a faster way for you to attain your high school equivalency.

What are your GED program hours? Do I have to attend all classes?

You must be available in the daytime. Program hours are between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. You must be able to be in class at the times you will be assigned and attendance is recorded. Speak to our program assistant to find out more.

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