Zoom Classroom Etiquette 101It’s taken a little while, but it’s probably safe to say that a lot more people are used to the virtual environment now – for work, for school, or for fun!

The blending of the home and work/classroom environments can make it challenging to conduct oneself professionally, though.  Between being interrupted by family members or pets, forgetting our manners, or abandoning your morning routine because, well, you can practically roll out of bed and onto your laptop……..it can leave you wondering how much learning was actually accomplished!

Sometimes, we just need a little reminder of what proper classroom etiquette looks like to give learning the best chance possible.  On that note, we asked our PALC instructors for some of their suggestions on winning virtual classroom etiquette.  Here’s what they said: 

  1. Find a clean, quiet space.
  2. Have the material you will need ready in advance and be prepared to take notes
  3. Let all household members know when and where you will be so they don’t disturb you.
  4. Make sure your full name shows up appropriately.
  5. Mute until you are required to talk. Use the Zoom functions to communicate if needed (chat, raise your hand, answer yes/no, etc.)
  6. Turn off/silence cell phone
  7. Be on time to class. Communicate with your instructor if you will be late or if you lose your connection during class.
  8. If you need to leave class early, communicate this by chat on Zoom or by text
  9. Respond to requests for confirmation of virtual meetings in a timely manner
  10. Be courteous or polite.  Allow others to participate and speak and don’t cut others off
  11. Be aware of ambient background noise that can interrupt or disrupt the virtual meeting
  12. Dress appropriately for a classroom setting.  This may be different for everyone, but use what you would typically wear to in-person classes as a guide
  13. If you need to speak to children or other household members, turn the camera off to do so as it can be very distracting to others
  14. If they are showing up late to a group session, ask them to enter quietly. Don’t say “good morning” or “hi”… just slip in.
  15. Don’t interrupt the instructor to ask questions. Wait for a pause or write questions down to ask later when possible.


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