computer image with spreadsheet

Image: Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

So you’ve got some basic computer skills and have just learned how to create simple formulas in Excel, and you’re wondering…..”Do I need to continue to build my Excel skills to the next level?”

To find the answer to this question, you only need to look around you to see how computers have changed – and will continue to change – the way we work and live.  Excel is one of the applications used nowadays that accomplishes a wide variety of functions, possibly more than any of the other popular applications.  Stronger Excel skills can definitely help you to keep up with the changing needs of the modern workplace and help you to organize your personal life like a boss!


Here are 4 Powerful Reasons to Improve your Excel Skills


  1. Keeps your finances in order – There are plenty of ready-made templates available to help you create things such as a family budget, personal expense calculator, vacation budget, and more.  These are great to use in a pinch to help get yourself and your life on track and organized.  At some point, however, you might find them limiting.  With more advanced skills, you can add more features and play around with the existing formulas with confidence to suit your needs as they change – because circumstances change.
  2. It’s a profitable skill – While basic Excel skills definitely make you more marketable, more advanced skills in this spreadsheet application can increase your earning potential.  According to a recent study, not only do 82% of jobs require some proficiency with productivity software, but higher level skills can increase your salary by as much as 12%.  If you lack post-secondary education, improving your Excel skills can help you to stand out better in the job market.
  3. Transfers to many different role/jobs – Higher level Excel skills aren’t just for accountants and finance professionals.  There are many other types of careers that depend on spreadsheet know-how such as professionals in marketing, HR, and retail management.  They are valuable skills to have even in trades careers such as tool and die makers.
  4. Great for small business owners – If you run a small business – or are thinking about running a small business – then strong Excel skills will help you track and organize many aspects of your company.  Calculating customer discounts, summarizing customer revenue, and tracking RSVP lists and costs for team outings are just a few of the important tasks that well-developed Excel skills can assist you with.

Taking your Excel skills to the next level will open up many employment doors for you, keep your personal finances in check, and give you a boost of confidence!


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