7 Peaceful Habits for Back-to-School Success

Who doesn’t love the vibrant colours of autumn? It’s fascinating to watch how nature transforms to prepare for and adapt to the changing seasons.

With the changing of the leaves and the small dips in temperature comes the pitter-patter of little feet and ringing school bells. Yes, school is back in session. It’s not just for children, though. Many adults are also heading back to the books to prepare for the GED test so they can advance their careers, get ready for college, or improve themselves personally.

Yes, the laid-back days of summer are behind us, and it’s time once again to roll up our sleeves and get down to business. However, just the thought of it all can be downright overwhelming. The days can be chaotic, the pressure mounts, and you also have to deal with everyone’s (and your own!) changing moods. When the stress of it all kicks in – sometimes needing to manage family, work, and school all at once – you’re left to wonder how on earth you’re going to do it all…..and do it well!

One of the best things you can do for yourself to prepare for stressful times is to create and stick to daily serenity rituals. By doing this, you’ll get better and better at creating a mental space where you can do your best work.

Try these 7 Peaceful Habits for Back-to-School Success:

Develop a calming morning ritual

  • Get up early enough that you’re not rushed in the morning
  • Exercise a little bit
  • Meditate
  • Read the paper with your coffee
  • Take a walk around the block

Be thankful

  • When life seems the most challenging, list the blessings in your life that bring you joy

Notice how you respond to stress

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by stress?
  • Do you overeat?
  • Do you work to eliminate the stress?
  • Do you find some way to distract yourself to avoid the situation?

Develop healthy responses to stress

  • Replace any unhealthy responses with something more peaceful
  • Try a cup of green tea, a few minutes of yoga, or calling a friend

Only do one thing at a time

  • Attempting to multi-task is stressful and less productive.

Minimize the noise in your life

  • Audible sounds, visual clutter, and the other items that you really have no need for all clutter up your mind as well as your environment.
  • Keep items that you need or love and get rid of the rest

Recognize that most of the time negative issues are not about you

  • Everyone has their own concerns to deal with. The odds are excellent that you’re not the cause of someone else’s mood or behaviour.

Is the thought of going back to school stressing you out? No need to worry! Our experienced and supportive team are ready to help you achieve your academic goals. Learn more about how we can help you prepare for your GED test with peace of mind and at your own pace.