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Peel Adult Learning Centre, is a non-profit adult education centre that provides programming designed to help adults continue their education and level up their career skills. We have been providing these courses for 30 years and are committed to working with our students from the time you enroll into a class until you’ve successfully completed the program and are ready to transition to your next steps.

In today’s blog post from the Peel Adult Learning Centre (PALC), we are going to discuss how we can help you build your confidence, skills, and knowledge through our adult education classes and services. With locations in Mississauga and Brampton, we are sure to have a class that will fit your needs and schedule. Read on to learn more.

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GED Preparation Courses

At PALC, our GEDReady - GED preparation courses are taught by experienced and qualified instructors who specialize in teaching the areas necessary to pass your GED, including critical reading, writing, math, and science. Our teachers make each session interactive, creating a fun learning environment.

Our GEDReady classes are tuition-free and delivered in-person. Our instructors work with each student to create a personalized learning plan that will focus on the skill specific areas you need to work on to prepare you for the GED test.

PALC’s GEDReady classes run Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Our classes are taught in-person so we can provide the best learning experience possible. We offer continuous intake so you can start when space becomes available rather than waiting for the start of a new session.

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College Preparation Classes

For students who have not completed high school and want to attend college, we provide two college preparation class options. The first is our GEDReady program which we discussed previously. The second is CollegeReady, an academic upgrading program that prepares you for the Mature Student Test at college.

While the Mature Student Test does not provide a student with a GED, it does allow for them to attend certain colleges without a secondary school diploma. The exact tests you’ll have to pass will depend upon the program and college you choose. At PALC, we’ll help you prepare for your Mature Student Test, allowing you to be more confident in your ability to pass the test and start college.

We offer both part-time and full-time classes, making our classes easier to attend and complete. Additionally, we offer continuous intake, allowing our students to start whenever space is available.

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STEPUP Programs

At PALC, we also offer WorkReady classes for adults wanting to develop specific digital and job sector skills. If you’re looking for a way to get into a new field or are interested in learning skills so you can meet the qualifications for a promotion, our WorkReady programs may be right for you.

We offer skills training in the following areas:

  • Basic Computer Skills training
  • Customer Service Readiness
  • Intermediate Excel training
  • Point-of-Sale System training
  • Resume Writing and Cover Letter
  • Social Media
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Docs

We understand that whether you’re looking to advance your career, change industries, or learn a new skill for personal development, having guidance and instruction from qualified teachers is essential. At our adult education centre, we’ll help you to learn new skills, including digital skills, that will help you feel more confident in the workplace.

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A Complete List of Classes at Our Adult Education Centre

At PALC, we offer a number of classes and programs that are designed to help adults increase their skills and knowledge and become more successful in their career. Take a closer look atour programs and services:

  • Intake Assessments: Completing a free academic and skills assessment will help determine the program that is right for you.
  • GEDReady: Tuition-free, in-person courses tailored to you to help you prepare for the GED test.
  • CollegeReady: Prepare for entering college with GED classes or Mature Student Test preparation courses.
  • WorkReady: Focus on building new skills in Google docs, customer service, resume writing, and more.

Contact Us Today to Start Your Free Assessment

Whether you’re interested in our GEDReady, CollegeReady, or WorkReady programs, the Peel Adult Learning Centre offers convenient classes that will help you boost your confidence andacquire the knowledge and skills you need to be successful. At our adult education centre, you’ll find a team of experienced and qualified instructors who are ready to help you build a brighter future. Schedule a free intake assessment with PALC at our Mississauga or Brampton campus today to get started.