How Our Programs Work

How Our Programs Work

Peel Adult Learning Centre in Mississauga and Brampton offers a variety of programs designed to help individuals enhance their skills and prepare for success in the workplace. Our CollegeReady, WorkReady, ApprenticeshipReady, and Skills for Employment Programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our students. Learn more about how our further education programs work below, and contact us today.

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Initial Assessment

Our programs begin with an intake assessment to determine the individual's current skill level and educational goals. This assessment helps us customize a learning plan that best suits the student's needs and aspirations.

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Convenient Further Education Programs

At Peel Adult Learning Centre, we offer both part-time and full-time classes to accommodate students with varying schedules and commitments. This flexibility allows individuals to pursue their education while managing other responsibilities.

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Available Start Times

One of the key features of our programs is the ability to start at any time, provided space is available. This open enrollment approach allows students to begin their educational journey when they are ready, without having to wait for specific enrollment periods.

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Skills Assessment

In addition to the intake assessment, we also conduct skill assessments before and throughout the program to track progress and ensure that students are meeting their learning objectives. These assessments help us tailor our instruction to address specific areas of improvement, provide targeted support, and help us to determine upgrading needs.

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Our Adult Education Programs

Our CollegeReady program prepares students for post-secondary education, while WorkReady equips individuals with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce. ApprenticeshipReady focuses on preparing students for apprenticeship programs, and the Skills for Employment Program enhances essential skills for various employment opportunities.


Whether you are looking to further your education, transition into the workforce, or explore new career paths, Peel Adult Learning Centre's programs can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our programs held in Mississauga and Brampton and how you can get started on your educational journey.

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