In-Person Learning is Back

Human beings are undoubtedly social creatures and according to medical science, we have an innate need to belong. Research goes on to state that our nervous systems expect human presence around us. If our natural function requires that we be around others, could this influence the way we communicate, listen and learn new things?


In-Person Learning Creates Stronger Human Connections and Mental Well-Being

The value of going to back to in-person learning is no surprise. Studies have shown that socializing in a live classroom environment helps people learn more about themselves, builds empathy towards others, and forms longer lasting relationships with peers. When teachers and students interact this way, natural connections are made which lead to the organic exchange of ideas and discussion. On-line learning can feel anonymous for some and there is a potential to misunderstand people and situations due to the lack of social cues. In-person settings provide authentic connections where students can build and strengthen their emotional and social skills while everyone works together towards a common academic goal.

In-Person Learning Suites Different Learning Styles

We all have different learning styles and in-person learning provides the perfect environment to manage these differences. Whether we are visual learners (learn through demonstration), auditory (hear the content), reading/writing (read and take notes) or kinetic (hands-on learners), teachers can guide each student according to their unique learning ability. Controlling the delivery of academic content in a live classroom setting helps to improve the focus and retention of information for each student. Auditory learners can lose interest if the lesson is solely visual and auditory while others can find it distracting staring at another student’s face. Teachers can quickly pick-up on these cues and help refocus, motivate and coach each student as required.


In-Person Learning Creates Better Academic Experiences

Managing various learning styles and building stronger human connections are not the only benefit of in-person learning. In-class learning encourages students to get out of bed, get dressed and head to the classroom. It creates a sense of routine and commitment which is the cornerstone of setting and achieving academic goals. Without the distraction of digital notifications, household drama, or neighbourhood events, students can maintain focus on a task or assignment. More importantly, in-person learning ensures that each student receives a personalized, direct one-on-one learning experience which improves their overall academic outcome.

As of March 1, 2022, the Peel Adult Learning Centre is pleased to announce that In-Person Learning is available at both it’s Mississauga and Brampton facilities. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your academic skills or prepare for your GED, our instructors are ready to help you plan and achieve your academic or career goals. Connect with us today… In-Person!