My name is Moji. Before PALC, I worked at the RBC ( Royal Bank of Canada). I was a customer service representative. I worked there for eight years and 6months. I was a dedicated worker, but I never moved positions. I trained and even did peer mentoring but was always stuck. I later had to leave because I had a crisis in my family life which led me to mental and psychological breakdown.

The way I was feeling about my future was not good. I had established myself and I thought I would eventually move into another position at RBC, but after my breakdown, I was disappointed. I felt like a failure and I was lost. I have 2 kids so I started borrowing strength from them. They picked me up when I was down and I looked at them as a responsibility, so I had to do whatever it takes.


Starting all over was not part of my plans, but here I was at PALC and determined to succeed, so I was ready to start all-over. I found PALC very accommodating. My initial encounter with the reception would make or break me and it encouraged me even more. PALC made me comfortable. Made me safe and made me feel like I was making the most amazing decision.

When I started classes I felt a little lost. It’s been a long time since I’ve been back to school. I was still worried about an income but Jen, one of my instructors, was such an amazing human being. She is full of resources and empathy. I eventually got the hang of it.

When COVID-19 started, I became confused again. I would never forget Jen and Cynthia, how they kept reaching and updating me on how we can continue. I actually wanted to give up but they kept reaching out. Jen even acted like nothing was going on. Like she did not want it to distract me. It was uncertain times and they held me up. I started in Feb. 2020 and COVID-19 lockdown started March 2. I was amazed.


At PALC, I learned the power of change. All you have to do is start. There are people there to hold your hands. People who want to see you succeed. Just start and change your life.

My journey at PALC was….. Wow!…… it was a rollercoaster and in the end I survived. How did it feel? It felt awesome. My plan now is to get a BSW (Bachelor’s in Social Work). I am currently in college for SSW (Social Service Worker).

What would I say to someone who was thinking about going back to school but wasn’t sure? JUST DO IT. The time will pass anyways, so why not upgrade yourself in the process?