The Labour Market Is Shifting Quickly – Make Sure You’re Equipped to Take Career Action

The past year has been a challenging year for many of us. From global political division, racial injustice and the loss of loved ones, to new vaccine protocols, and varying rollout restrictions, this year has been nothing short of remarkable. Economic uncertainty has not only affected us mentally and emotionally. It has caused the labour market to shift quickly.

While some businesses are closing departments, laying off staff, shifting to remote home offices, and dealing with a growing retiring workforce, the Government of Canada is predicting a moderate employment outlook across the country. As the labour market trends in the right direction, jobs are evolving and today’s workplace demands a new level of creative thinking and problem-solving. Your past responsibilities and work experience provide the foundation; however, some employers and apprenticeship programs require that individuals hold a high school diploma or GED credential to qualify. The time is right to build a solid plan and demonstrate that you are the perfect candidate.

Continuing your education allows you to keep up with the latest technologies, advance your knowledge and skills, and make you more marketable. Preparing and passing your GED test is the first step on the road to employment, post-secondary, or apprenticeship goal paths. Your GED will provide high school-level knowledge and skills in writing, reading, mathematics, social studies and science.


The next step is developing your soft skills and basic digital competency to compete in this highly people-oriented and increasingly computer-based job market. During tough economic times, companies are struggling to maintain trust and brand loyalty, and quality customer interactions are more important than ever. Developing basic communication skills, learning how to diffuse difficult situations, and nurturing quality interactions with customers will significantly improve your chances for employment.


Whether you’re looking for a new job, upgrading your academic skills or shifting your career path and need training, start increasing your chances of employment and open new doors to your future. Peel Adult Learning is the perfect place to discuss your learning needs, set long term goals and get equipped to take career action!