10 Interesting Ways to Challenge Yourself for 30 Days

We’d all like to make big changes in some aspect of our life – career, relationships, personal health, or education, to name a few. Some quick fixes would be nice, but most likely, these types of changes don’t happen overnight.

However, the good news is that you can start creating and practicing new habits that put you on the road to making a difference in your world – in a fairly short period of time.

Most people can drop or create a habit within 30 days. The only item you need is commitment. Do you have what it takes?

This list will provide you with a few ideas. Put your creative thinking cap on, and you’ll develop a few of your own ideas for challenges that will make a positive difference in your life:

  1. Try a new recipe. Let’s face it. You have the same thing for breakfast every day. Only a couple of different things for lunch. And maybe 10 different things for dinner. You’ve been eating the same stuff for years! Try something new. You’re bound to find something you love. Eat something new each day for a month.
  2. Drink only water for a month. How much do you rely on your morning cafe latte? You’re about to find out. Just go one month without drinking anything other than what your adult body was designed to drink – water.
  3. Give up your news habit. See how many days you can go without watching or reading any news – either on TV, on the internet, or on you social media channels. Think you’ll miss out on something important? Your friends will tell you.
  4. Take a cold shower. There are lots of health benefits to be found from taking cold showers. They’re great for your mood and immune system. See how tough you really are. One tip: Rather than starting with a cold shower, start with a hot shower and gradually keep turning the temperature down. It’s refreshing!
  5. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Get out of bed 30 minutes earlier and do something productive. You might try learning another language or reading. It might be a good time for a walk. Maybe you’ll meditate, pray, or write. See how special the morning can be before everyone else gets up!
  6. Avoid complaining. Thirty days without complaining? Can you do it? You might struggle at first if you have a habit of complaining. But you’ll feel great by the end of the month!
  7. Avoid negative thoughts. How about skipping all negative thoughts for a month? It’s important to catch yourself early in the process, and there will be plenty of times you’ll have to catch yourself. Breaking this one negative habit can make a huge positive difference in your life.
  8. Do something nice for someone each day. You can do 30 things for the same person or for a variety of people. The choice is yours. Try to accomplish this anonymously. You’ll learn how good it feels to do something for someone else without getting anything in return.
  9. Study something for a month. Pull the old guitar out of the attic. Learn how to paint. Practice your writing or math skills to get motivated for further studies. This is a great challenge to combine with waking up earlier. What will you learn this month?
  10. Exercise daily for a month. It doesn’t have to be challenging, but do something physical each day for 30 days. Think of ways you can enjoy this time. You might shoot baskets in the driveway one day and meet a friend for tennis the next. Take the family for a hike. Play with your dog. Just do something active.

Visualize how great you’ll feel if you can make just a couple of worthwhile changes over the next month.

What ideas do you have for a 30-day challenge?

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