Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC)

As of May 3, 2024, the General Education Development (GED ® ) high school equivalency certificate is no longer available in Canada. The new Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) is replacing the GED® . Peel Adult Learning Centre, with locations in Brampton and Mississauga, is here to help you conquer this test! Learn more below about our further adult education programs, and contact us today.


What Is the CAEC?

As with the GED® , the CAEC is for adults who do not have a Canadian High School diploma. Ontario candidates who successfully complete the CAEC will get an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate. The CAEC serves as a comprehensive validation of adult learners' education and skills, and can help to further career opportunities.


What Does the CAEC Signify?

The CAEC signifies the completion of Grade 12 equivalency and acknowledges the hard work and determination of adult learners seeking to further their education. The CAEC is open to all individuals 18 years old and older, and it meets all industry standards.

What are the advantages of having a High School Equivalency Credential?

Successfully completing the CAEC will provide you with a High School Equivalency Credential needed for:


jobs requiring a grade 12 or equivalent


admission to some post-secondary programs or skills training programs


enrolment as an apprentice, required in some sectors.


Is my GED still valid?

The GED® continues to be a recognized credential. If you have previously passed the 5 GED® test subjects, your credential remains valid. If you completed some of the 5 GED® test subjects, the CAEC will accept successfully completed GED® test subjects in place of the associated CAEC test subjects until May 2027.


How do I register for the CAEC?

Registration for the CAEC, through TVO ILC, will begin in Summer 2024. More information will be posted on as it becomes available.

Our CAEC Preparation programs

At Peel Adult Learning Centre, we are dedicated to assisting you in preparing for the Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC). Our experienced instructors and comprehensive programs are designed to support adult learners in achieving their Grade 12 equivalency goals through the CAEC certification process.

What Our CAEC Prep Entails


Personalized Instruction

Our tailored instruction caters to individual learning needs based on your incoming assessment, ensuring that you receive personalized support and guidance throughout your preparation journey for the CAEC.


Individual Support and Group Lessons

You can expect a mix of individual support and group lessons designed to build your academic skills in each of the five test areas (Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies).


A Well-Rounded Curriculum

We’ll provide assistance in developing your digital skills, learning strategies, study skills, and test taking strategies.


Supportive Learning Environment

With a supportive learning environment and access to resources, study materials, and academic assistance, we create a conducive setting for you to excel in your CAEC preparation. We also provide advocacy support for learners requiring testing accommodations for the CAEC.


Ongoing Guidance

Our fun, engaging team provides ongoing guidance, feedback, and encouragement to ensure that you are well-prepared and confident on exam day, empowering you to achieve success in obtaining your Canadian Adult Education Credential.


Reasons to Enroll in Our CAEC Prep Program

The CAEC opens doors to higher education, career opportunities, and personal growth, providing a pathway for adult learners to achieve their academic goals and aspirations. You will learn not only the course material, but you'll also have the opportunity to learn more about career paths and about our other amazing adult learning programs, including CollegeReady, WorkReady, and more. Don't miss this opportunity to open doors to your future.


Join us at Peel Adult Learning Centre in Brampton or Mississauga and take the next step towards realizing your educational and professional ambitions with the CAEC certification. Get started today.

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